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Phil Vischer’s Jellyfish Labs

In 1990, 24‐year‐old computer‐animator Phil Vischer sat down to create a group of characters that could teach Christian values to kids in a delightfully weird way.

A tomato named Bob and a cucumber named Larry were born.

VeggieTales would go on to revolutionize Christian filmmaking, selling more than 50 million videos and placing Phil’s faith‐filled stories in one in every three American households with young children.

With his new company Jellyfish Labs, Phil continues to pursue innovative new ways to integrate faith and storytelling. Jellyfish Labs’ latest venture, What’s In The Bible?, brings the books of the Bible to life in a 13 DVD series. JellyTelly, the online broadcast channel from Jellyfish Labs, provides daily content for families.

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What’s in the Bible?

What’s in the Bible? is the latest project from Veggie Tales creator Phil Vischer. In this 13-DVD series, creative characters and witty songs teach Bible literacy to children and their parents. The first two DVDs released in March 2010.

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JellyTelly is an online broadcast channel for children and families from Jellyfish Labs and Focus on the Family. Videos, games, and colorful characters provide a daily destination for Christian families.

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Convergence is a DVD resource for small groups looking to have authentic conversations about the intersections of faith and real life. Host Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz) interviews prominent Christian writers and thinkers about a variety of issues that Christians face everyday.

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Steve Taylor Presents

Steve Taylor Presents is the production company led by Steve Taylor. Steve made his feature film debut in 2006 with The Second Chance (distributed theatrically by Sony Pictures Releasing). It won Best Feature Length Film at the San Francisco WYSIWYG Film Festival, was an official selection at the Pan African and Sabaoth International (Milan, Italy) Film Festivals and was recognized by Christianity Today as one of the top five Most Redeeming Films of 2006. Prior to making The Second Chance, Steve had a successful career as a recording artist and producer. He sold more than one million albums worldwide, was nominated for two Grammys and is the only artist to win two Billboard Music Video Awards for self-directed music videos.

Currently, Steve is working with author Donald Miller and Ben Pearson on the screenplay adaptation of Don’s highly acclaimed book Blue Like Jazz.

Blue Like Jazz the Movie

Blue Like Jazz the Movie is a coming-of-age college comedy based on The New York Times best-selling memoir by Donald Miller. As a book, Blue Like Jazz has experienced significant commercial success and deeply impacted its readers’ lives. It has sold more than one million copies and is a perennial bestseller at Amazon.

In 2006, director, writer and recording artist Steve Taylor approached Miller with the idea of collaborating on a screenplay and making Blue Like Jazz into a feature film. The challenge would be transforming Miller’s memoir into a compelling story arc that would play well with a young movie-going audience. Their resulting screenplay tells the story of a young Donald Miller who flees his suburban Texas upbringing to seek intellectual sanctuary at Reed College, a radical West Coast college dubbed “the most godless campus in America.” Through a series of comical and unexpected encounters, Miller is forced to re-examine the faith he thought he’d left behind.

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