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Convergence Releases Next 3 DVDs

March 25th, 2010

Hello! My name is Ann and I am part of the Creative Trust Media team. I work a primarily with our Convergence brand. Convergence is a new DVD series hosted by Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz). Doing this series has been a treat for me. It has exposed me to some brilliant minds and great communicators.

We have three DVDs coming out on 3.30.10 so I thought I would share with you a couple of photos and a behind the scenes look from our latest shoot. In December the Convergence staff and crew packed up from Nashville and went to Los Angeles, CA to tape our next DVDs. We filmed in the art district at this great loft that our production company found.

On the first day we had the pleasure of filming Randy Alcorn. Randy has one of the bestselling books on Heaven.  As much as we talk about Heaven, I personally think it is such big of an idea that we are afraid to dig too deep. Randy and Don talked about the misconceptions of heaven and the truth and hope that God has in store for us. You can watch the first 5 minutes of their conversation here.

You may have heard of the books of our second guest, you may even know his name, but to experience Dr. Henry Cloud was remarkable. Dr. Henry Cloud has sold over 5 million books including being the co-author of bestselling Boundaries. When I got home from the shoot I ordered a couple more of his books. I know the editing process was hard since the content was so fruitful.

Don and Dr. Cloud discussed personal and spiritual growth. I don’t care how young or old you are, you can learn something from this DVD. The inspiration for the title of the DVD came from something that Dr. Cloud said that stuck with all of us: immaturity is when we ask life to meet our demands and maturity is when we meet the demands of life. Check out a preview here.

Also in this release we have Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman on “Marriage: Life After I Do”. Isn’t that a great title? I think that I have many friends that have said “Okay, we’re married…now what”? When you put these childhood friends together you get the biblical truth from Longman and the years of counseling experience from Allender. Both teachers in their own right, they are great communicators. As a single woman, I was worried that I was not going to be able to relate to this DVD. After watching the final version there is something to take away from it whether you are single and married. This is also my favorite cover that we have done.

So the DVDs that are releasing on 3.30.10 are the following:

Heaven: Understanding Gods Plan and Our Hope
Donald Miller and Randy Alcorn

Personal Growth: Learning to Meet the Demands of Life
Donald Miller and Dr. Henry Cloud

Marriage: Life After I Do
Donald Miller with Dr. Dan Allender and Dr. Tremper Longman

You can find out more about Convergence at

2 comments on “Convergence Releases Next 3 DVDs

  1. Maven on said:

    Looks great! Thanks for the behind-the-scenes peek, Ann.

  2. spiritual awakening on said:

    Excellent post, thanks for collating the information. I have been searching google and yahoo for information related to this and it led me to your blog! :-)

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